About NDX Pfisterer-Auderer

Established in 1908, Pfisterer Auderer Dental Lab is steeped in tradition, yet on the cutting edge of dental advancement. Our work ethics, relationship building with our dental offices, and the ability to handle difficult cases are the defining characteristics of our lab and a fundamental part of our tradition. Our expertise with the Andrews Bridge System, Massad Denture, acetyl resin clasps for partial dentures and precision and combination cases sets us apart from the usual denture laboratory. This background, plus our up to date training in the latest technical and digital technology procedures, puts us in the forefront of quality in appliances and specialty services. NDX Pfisterer-Auderer provides a full menu of dental laboratory services and products. Always known for our complete and partial dentures, including attachment systems, we also offer the newest all-ceramic restorations, which include e.max and Verotek zirconia lifetime warranty products.

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Products Overview

NDX Pfisterer-Auderer recognizes that all your patients are unique and we share your common goal of delivering superior care. Through a full spectrum of specialized products, and supported by the most advanced technology, NDX Pfisterer-Auderer is an enterprise of individuals who meticulously craft crowns and bridges, dentures, specialty appliances, orthodontics and implants to address all your dental restorations.

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Services Overview

NDX Pfisterer-Auderer laboratory consistently exceeds expectations by leveraging our experienced team, advanced technology and customer/partner relationships. Our professionals have the unique ability to provide localized consultative services on all of our products and a full spectrum of innovative restorative solutions to meet any challenge or schedule.

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Education Overview

By promoting professional growth, practice efficiency and patient education, NDX Pfisterer-Auderer provides our dental professionals educational opportunities to continually enhance their professional and business knowledge. Staying current with proven materials, techniques and treatments assures your patient ideal results. NDX Pfisterer-Auderer offers multiple opportunities to advance your knowledge.

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About NDX

National Dentex Labs is the solution for ALL of your dental restorations, appliances, and other lab services. NDX is the largest dental lab network with more than 30 service oriented local labs, aesthetic labs with deep experience and skills, simple domestic and offshore mail-order lab options, and the most advanced technology lab in digital dentistry and surgical planning.

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